The 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge with Alison Jones

Got an idea for a business book? Wondering where to go from here? 

The beginning

Take 10 days with a professional publisher to nail it. All online, in your own time. 

Day by day we work through each field of a book proposal document - by the end, you've got absolute clarity, a business case for the book, and you're ready to write!

(Best proposal wins a publishing deal. Nothing to lose, SO much to gain.)

  • Short daily videos with full details for each day's challenge
  • Safe, supportive community in a closed Facebook group
  • Daily live check-ins to keep you motivated and on track

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Alison Jones MBA is a publishing partner for businesses with something to say, and host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast. She's been in publishing for over 25 years working with companies such as Oxford University Press and Macmillan, and founded Practical Inspiration Publishing in 2014 to create brilliant books that build businesses.

Here's what they're saying: 

"Doing the 10-day book proposal has made me fall in love with my business and helped me to articulate why I want to write this book. Alison is generous and totally dedicated to helping all challengers achieve the best possible proposal for their books. It gives real insight into what is needed to get a booked accepted for publication. One of the most brilliant online courses I have ever done."

"You end up with a hugely detailed, professional, and well-thought-out book proposal, and a deep understanding of the business book market. Alison's warm approach also makes it genuinely enjoyable, keeping you motivated and excited throughout. Highly recommended."

"During the 10 days I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions; fear, self-doubt, excitement, panic, elation and gratitude. Overwhelmingly gratitude! The challenge is brilliantly structured, the fellow writers amazingly supportive and Alison herself a wonderful blend of constructive feedback and encouragement. Sign up and be amazed!"

"Taking the 10-day book challenge has been an experience that I am deeply grateful for. Alison's feedback is invaluable and the tasks keep you on track to go from an idea to an actual book outline. It pushes you and inspires you at the same time. I now have a book I am excited to write and know exactly what it will contain. I cannot praise or thank Alison enough for this experience."

"A fabulous, productive and very enlightening 10 days."

"So grateful to have been part of this journey, it's made me stop talking about it and start doing, I'm fired up to get this book published and the submission document I have now is such a valuable tool.'

"I've been blown away by Alison's approach to building a book, and come away having grown from a blogger into a prospective writer. Her extensive publishing background shines through at every turn, where her dedication and encouragement along with 10 days of progressive tasks have motivated me throughout. I now have clarity as to how the book will integrate into my business, and I'm excited to get it written. Thank you Alison I've loved every minute!"

"If you have a book inside you, taking part in Alison Jones's book proposal challenge is THE best starting point to getting the clarity and inspiration you need to get your book out into the world in a way that adds maximum value to your business...and you'll connect with a lot of lovely people in the process. Alison really knows her stuff and doesn't hold back in supporting you every step of the way!"

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